A factory for prosthetic legs in Nineveh .. to make Mohammed and his companions smile

About two years have passed since Mohammed’s injury, which resulted in the amputation of his right leg, he found no alternative artificial leg that would allow him to walk without bowing to his crutches.

Since then, he has been self-reliant in obtaining an alternative leg from what he has lost. The Red Cross has provided him with this. He opened an artificial limbs factory in Nineveh, where the war left an army of disabled people without having to travel to Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah.

“I checked the limb factory and the tests were done and they promised me to make a leg for me within a week,” Mohammed says to the MMP media platform, looking at the right side of his pants where the air is playing.

The war that freed Mosul from the terrorist organization of ISIS – from 17th October, 2016 to 10th July 2017 – has brought about 2800 handicapped people in Nineveh who need artificial limbs now, 65% of the amputee people survived the military operation to liberate Mosul and 35% of the disabled were the results of other accidents, “says Dr. Falah, Director General of Nineveh Health.

The Red Cross worked for four months to open the factory, like many fast-moving projects, but the other stakeholders and sectors of the Iraqi state are still unable or unable to do anything about the disabled and people with special needs.

“We are currently receiving handicapped people who have their legs amputated under the knee, and in the coming days we will open a limb industry and knee support,” said Suha Al-Essa, a National Aid to the Red Cross.

There are more than twenty thousand people in Mosul who need rehabilitation services and they are of all kinds of disabilities, including more than 4500 people as amputees, ” Said Suha Al-Essa.

It is clear that there is a big difference in the two statistics of the handicapped in Nineveh, announced by the Director of Health and the Red Cross, but whatever the real figure, the new factory prepared by Mohammed and his companions aim to fill this gap and fulfill the wishes of all those who seek help that was unavailable before.

In the meantime, the staff of the factory is waiting for the evacuation of the Nineveh Health Presidency to the building of the original center to move to and expand the production of limbs, supports and physiotherapy. Their project will provide assistance and support needed to get the rest of the disabled on the outskirts and go out and imitate the smile, which was painted on the face of Mohammed, trying for the first time walking on his new legs.

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