“Overly Welcome” Journey arriving into the city of Mosul

Photo Report – Ali Eyad, Translation by Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj

The young people who participated in “Overly Welcome” campaign previsouly in Al-Anbar city gathered again in a youthful evening in Mosul recently in Qantara Cafe on the left side of Mosul

The young people, who came from different Iraqi cities to Al-Hadba, were delighted by the scenes of life they witnessed and also the horror of the ruins of the old city, while many of them recorded the moments of the evening through their mobile phones.

The life-long journey to Al-Hadba was not limited to young people, but the girls also actively participated. The attendees also included a different spectrum of Iraqi provinces in central and southern Iraq.

Feelings of joy seemed clear to those who were present and carrying in their minds a different picture of Mosul with some fears of the city. But the hospitality they received and the determination and persistence of life that they have seen and witnessed have changed the entire atmosphere of the place.

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