Women and Children of Daesh (ISIS) .. A dynasty of War Breed

This investigation is a new achievement for the NIRIJ for investigative journalism network, which is monitoring the suffering of the children and wives of ISIS, who do not find a way to the civil registration of any country, especially that some wives do not know the original country of their dead or fugitives husbands. Such child victims constitute a society belonging to no part of this world, with all its risks.

Conducted by: Mustafa Abu Shams – a Syrian journalist

Translation by Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj

The 13-year-old Hibatallah stood with a group of women in a long row waiting to receive bags of rice and pasta, which were distributed by a charity in the Bustan Al Qasr neighborhood east of Aleppo. She wore a black dress, raised it with both hands so as not to stumble into walking; perhaps she borrowed it from her mother’s closet or got it from a clothing campaign. This was in the middle of 2016 when the eastern Aleppo at that time was still under the control of the Syrian opposition factions.At 40 degrees Celsius, Hiba Allah did not find a name for herself or her mother on the association’s lists. Asked her to sit down, and she sat down to the pier and sank into a fit of crying. She walks and sits, showing her belly, revealing her pregnancy that she is trying to hide from people’s eyes. The girl was released after a few words, telling the investigative reporter who sat next to her that her only brother was a fighter in the Daesh group in Manbaj, northern Syria. She went on crying and turned crying, that her brother had married  her husband to a Saudi prince, and that her pregnancy was the fruit of this marriage.

“I do not know anything about my husband … not his real name, his family or where he is now,” said HibatAllah, explaining that her marriage lasted only a few months before Syria’s Democratic Forces entered Manbaj and the fighter fled, leaving her and her mother facing their fate. She returned with her mother to Aleppo, a girl with a child.  “I wear wide clothes so that people will not ask me about the story of my pregnancy … I do not want to be ridiculed,” she says.

That day was the beginning of our acquaintance of Hubbatalla. After our brief meeting followed by frequent telephone conversations, we learned that the girl carried the fetus inside her womb in the forced transport and displacement of green buses to one of the orphanage camps on the border with Turkey at the end of 2016. There her baby was placed «Farah», looking for a way to add her name to the Civic registry.
It is the case of dozens of unmarried children and their mothers, who have married foreign fighters, in a legislative and social environment that refuses to recognize this marriage and in some cases even calls these children “terrorist bombs” or “fruits of extremism.” knocking the doors     The year 2012 marked the arrival of dozens of foreign fighters individually and unorganized. They entered Syrian territory and joined the fighting factions in time. At the end of the same year, the emergence of Salafi or Jihadi Islamist groups began, some of them linked to al-Qaeda as the Jabhat Al Nasra “The Victory Front” and “State Organization” before the latter was separated. Others carried al-Qaeda’s ideology without the alleged name as “The Army of Immigrants and Supporters” And the Islamic Turkestan Party.     With the expansion of the control of these movements and battalions, especially Daesh and Al Nastra group (in various names that have been transformed in stages, the most recent is the Commission of Liberation of the Levant), even increased in mid-2015 by two thirds of the territory of Syria, and with the activity of the advocacy movement to join these groups, These groups become more organized than non-Syrian fighters.     Assad Mahmud, a researcher and resident of Adlib says that “Some of these fighters came with their wives, but the majority of them, and with the length of time and relative stability they lived, sought wives from the areas they controlled”. Also adding that “the Jihadist aura that was associated with them, Which they brought with them or obtained from the spoils, and the positions they occupied, attracted large numbers of women to marry them “.

According to multiple testimonies, such fighting organizations have regularly sent “letters” to people’s homes, knocking on doors in search of girls at the age of marriage. One of them, who has worked as a “Public Speaker” at the Sham Liberation Organization and acted as a mediator in finding the right wife for foreign fighters in the villages of the southern countryside of Adlib, has identified a number of fighters through her son who joined the Commission, and found ” In marriage”. “I know most of the girls in the village, and I have chosen women from poor families, older women, or widows and divorcees,” she says.

The lady, who asked not to be named, added that the fighters did not have any special conditions. “So the choices were many,” and most marriages were done using nicknames, not the explicit names of spouses. The eastern provinces appeared to be the most densely populated areas in the country, where marriages of foreign fighters from Syria were frequent. “As compared to al-Raqqa and Deir al-Zour and the eastern parts of the Aleppo countryside (Bab and its countryside), the number of children of unknown origin in cities and rural areas that were not under the control of Jihadist currents such as the cities of Ezzaz and Maara and some villages of the western Aleppo countryside and the countryside of Hama was little,” said researcher Asaad Mahmood. As for the areas of control of the Nasra Front, they are still witnessing marriages of foreign fighters so far.    ISIS has the largest numbers     In a hazardous environment, in most areas, it is prohibited to cooperate with the press, such as obtaining an approximate picture of the number of children who are out of wedlock. The search required four months of intensive reviews of judges in civilian courts, civil servants and local councils, and a survey in several areas of the north of the country with the assistance of competent humanitarian organizations, during which the investigation team used various grounds to obtain information.

We obtained tables documenting the names of 1826 children in Adlib and its countryside and the northern and western parts of Hama recorded by the campaign “Where is your husband”, provided by the former judge dissident of the regime Mohammed Nur Hamidi, one of the campaign officials. These areas were mostly controlled by the Sham Liberation Organization at the time of the investigation, and the data indicate that the numbers of these children were 1,124 out of 1,735 marriages.. Judge Hamidi was reportedly abducted after providing us with data and was later released for a ransom.
In the northern and eastern parts of Aleppo, areas currently under the control of the Turkish-backed “Euphrates Shield” forces, the investigation team conducted interviews for four months with local councilors, civil registrars and judges in the three large civil courts, Bab, Tripoli and Azzaz, And collecting documents relating to claims of descent. The team also worked on the survey of cases in the camps. By reviewing the names and excluding them frequently, we have reached the presence of about 1,000 children who are not affixed in these areas. The number of a thousand children was almost the same in the countryside of western Aleppo, which was subject to the opposition factions (Zanki and Ahrar of Sham) before the control of the Liberation Organization of Levant at the beginning of 2019.
However, the difficulty was concentrated in the areas of Raqqa and Deir al-Zour in the east of the country, the main headquarters and most importantly for Daesh, where the largest number of foreign fighters, before the success of the international coalition forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces to eliminate their influence. As a result of the lack of access to these areas and the lack of approvals from the Syrian Democratic Forces, the investigation team decided to reach the camps of displaced people of Al-Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour located in the province of Adlib.

More than four thousand
On November 27 last year, we obtained the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Justice (belonging to the “Government of Salvation”) and the Attorney General Mohammad Qabakabji. We contacted the camp administration in Sarmada, in the northern countryside of Adlib, to conduct field visits to the camps and meet with most of the women from Raqqa and Deir al-Zour.
The “Salvation Government” was established at the beginning of November 2017. It operates in the areas of influence of the Levant Liberation Organization (formerly Nasra Front) in most areas of Adlib, Reef, Hama and the western Aleppo countryside.  The facts indicate that it is the civilian front of the Commission, although it officially denies its dependence on any military faction.

In the course of the arrival of the investigation team to the Camp Management Center for the purpose of entering a camp in the village of Khirbet al-Jawz in the village of Adlib, a group of gunmen from the Levant Liberation Organization intercepted a member of the team and his leg. Remained in detention for four weeks during which he was interrogated on charges of espionage, and confiscated his mobile device and camera, before being released by the police.
We learned later from sources inside the camp that it includes more than 350 marriages of unknown persons. In more than one area where the military factions are fighting for power, the authentication journey led us to count more than 4,000 unknown children in the north of the country. Kamal Akeef, spokesman for the Office of External Relations in Autonomous Rule, said that more than 4,000 women and 8,000 children from foreign jihadist families are in three camps in the northeast of the country in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, housed in special sections and are under tight security control .
Asad al-Mahmood comments on the above figures by saying that “the number of children is even more unknown if we add to them other exceptional situations, such as women married to anonymous Syrians  and widowed women who are afraid to file claims for proof of marriage, Liberated areas, or Islamic factions in the regions of the regime”.

 Single by law

Of the 25 women married to “migrants” in 2014, seven women returned to the town of Bashtqqatin in the western Aleppo countryside. One of them was Aminah, 30, the wife of Abu Omar, the Egyptian fighter in the Brigades of al-Ansar, before joining Da’esh and moving to the city of Raqqa. khrj_qyd.jpg     In late 2017 Amina stood before a judge from the Qasimiya Court (15 km west of Aleppo) to be recognized as a wife. She had a worn-out paper with no explicit name for her husband or witnesses; “All I have is this … the judge did not recognize her,” she says, then carefully folds the contract in a nylon bag.     At that time, the court was affiliated with the movement of Nur al-Din al-Zanki, but the changing conditions in the field and the control of the Levant Liberation on the village, made Amina to lose any hope.     The situation seems to be more complicated with Thwraya from the village of Anjara in the western suburb of Aleppo, 33, the mother of four of her three marriages. After her first husband was killed in the city of Raqqa 2014, a cousin of her belonging to the organization of Daesh, held her marriage to a Libyan fighter and gave birth to a child, then the father was also killed, and then ISIS married her to a prince said that he was previously a Russian officer, gave birth to her last child, Today she is about two years old.
The son of Thwraya from her Syrian husband, Ali (9 years) and Mohammed (7 years), do not go to school now. A similar fate awaits her third son Omar (4 years). But this is worth nothing, compared to her concern for her youngest child, and she has repeated more than once during her interview: “I am single in law, I do not know my husband’s name and I did not speak his language … Who will marry my daughter when she grows up?”

Although they followed all the required procedures at the Qasimiya court, the children of “Thwraya” remained without a formal parent. “Every time I visit relief organizations they ask me for a family book or a family registration statement, and the civil registry did not give me any paper to prove my marriage.”

According to the data obtained from the Court of Qassimia, there are 260 marriage confirmation cases raised in this court alone. In Aleppo, 90 cases of proof of descent have been recorded in the city of Bab al-Sharq al-Halab, 16 of which are from Arab and European spouses, while the Adlib court refused to provide us with figures on the number of cases brought before it. ryd_dw_2.jpgIn the Jarablus court, there are more than 100 cases filed so far, according to Mohamed Ayman, head of the court, asserting that the fear of accountability prevents hundreds of women from suing. “The camps are full of such cases,” he said. Three Laws     The courts in the areas controlled by the opposition factions rely on three sources of legislation according to the dominant authority. The courts of the Euphrates Shield area are based on Syrian law with some modifications. The western Aleppo countryside (at the time of the investigation) and some areas of Adlib, Unified Arab law, while resorting to the Commission and other Islamic factions in their areas of influence in Adlib to arbitration by Islamic law.
Zakaria Aminu, a lawyer working in the Adlib and Aleppo western courts, said that “all these courts do not recognize the marriage of unknown persons and do not recognize the affirmation of the children.” The same speech was confirmed by lawyer Abdul Aziz al-Darwish, deputy of a number of cases filed in the countryside of western Aleppo: “Women do not get any answer, even if they filed a lawsuit.”

Osama al-Khadr, director of the second division of the Civil Registry in the western Aleppo countryside, expressed his regret at the fact that hundreds of women are reviewing his office for official papers enabling them to install property or obtain aid. “It’s a thorny issue that can not be solved,” he says.In the eastern and northern parts of Aleppo under the Turkish-backed “Euphrates Shield”, the courts there agreed not to accept any legal action to establish the proportions if the full supporting documents of the husband were not available. This is what Muhammad Adib Kershaw, the Shari’a judge in the courts of Izzaz and Mara, and Muhammad Hadal, a judge at the Court of Suran, said: “Women are not entitled to bring the case to file a legal case … The law does not allow this.”

Mohammad Qabakabji, the Attorney General of the Ministry of Justice of the “Government of Salvation” in the city of Adlib, was one of the few who believed in the validity of these marriages. A few days before he was killed by an improvised explosive device on March 22, he told us: “As long as the husband is known by people, and the status and the place are known, it is not a requirement to know his name.” According to him, the Minister of Justice in this government, Ibrahim Shasho, Although both are in the position of responsibility, the Ministry of Justice has taken no action to resolve the cases raised.

Islamic scholar Mohammed al-Ahmad from the city of Adlib said that an oral agreement was held between the city’s dignitaries and the Ministry of Justice to prove the marriage and the proportions of the unknown, after the wife filed a lawsuit accompanied by a certificate of definition on behalf of the immigrant recorded by what is known by the name or title , With two witnesses and sealed by his faction. He added: «It has been agreed to open a new box in the civil register, especially immigrants, and the child is attributed to his father, if not known his name is attributed to his country as the son of Egyptian or Iraqi». But this agreement did not find its way to implementation, according to Omar Abdelkader, the city’s personal status judge who said: “We do not accept a case where there are no explicit names.”

False, abhorrent, permissible

Most of the judges, staff and lawyers whom we interviewed are devoid of sympathy for the wives and children of foreign fighters. It is not uncommon for them to be confused with the jurisprudential opinions based on the fatwas of the sheikhs of religion, which are derived from the Civil Code.Even the president of Idlib’s lawyer, Abdel Wahab Al-Da’eef, refused to accept the fatherless children and stressed that the marriage was “a big sin and a social crime for parents who accepted to marry their daughters in this way.” He added that he does not prove that a child has a father before the marriage is established. He said that this marriage is not permissible because it is a marriage of ignorance, and ignorance of one of the spouses in the contract is forbidden, according to the fatwa issued by the Syrian Islamic Council.

After we followed the fatwa, we found that the Syrian Islamic Council (based in Istanbul) said that “this contract is permissible with sin” because it is “harmful and harmful to the wife’s rights either socially or civilly.” In the text of the fatwa, “If an unknown person collects an affiliation to extremist groups, then he is the first to forbid and prevent.”
Most of those we met then agreed on the invalidity of the nameless marriage, both in areas controlled by the Nasra Front or in the Euphrates, including Muhammad Hadal, the Shari’a judge at the Court of Suran, who said, “There is no legitimacy to the contract.” Marriage is hated ». In civil law, “marriage is absolutely invalid,” according to Judge Mohamed Nour Hamidi, who said that “knowing the real and explicit name is a condition of the validity of the contract.”
Prayer then suicide

In a camp in the village of Deir Sirhan in the western Aleppo countryside, a 50-year-old woman lives with her three-year-old granddaughter in a tent made up of simple tools: cooking gas, straws stretched on a plastic mat and a few cushions.

In June 2018, a “Mother of Hameeda” rose to find her 21-year-old daughter dead in prayer. Next to it was a Koran, and three empty medicine boxes used to treat stress and diabetes. “Her face was wet with tears … Even after her death,” the lady recalls, holding her granddaughter to her chest.

According to Mother of Hameeda  her daughter committed suicide after a lot of harassment from her relatives. “They used to describe my daughter as the wife of al-Daashi, and sometimes as a prostitute.”The mother adds that “Hameeda was a believer in God,” but poor economic conditions and harassment led her to end her own life. “I found a dinner table in the tent, and a cup of coffee … I ate and drank before you die … I read the Koran and prayed, and then swallowed the medicine”, this ways she tells her story.     We have known and come across many similar cases of the wives of foreign fighters who committed suicide, and others we have heard in other regions, most of them used excessive doses of drugs, or the famous “grain of gas” in the area, which can be obtained or bought from the shops that sell pesticides.

Quick Solutions

The Northern Syrian response coordinators documented the presence of 36,356 widowed women in Adlib and Hama and 18,994 orphan children at the end of 2018. According to the Lipo Research Center, 13 million Syrians had been displaced between 2011 and August 2018, of whom 6.3 million Internal displacement. Most of the needy families in the north seek assistance of humanitarian societies, which is not available to families of unknown children.

After her escape and return to Bab al-Bab in 2016, Umm Taha lives with her two children without any official document in a camp on the border with Turkey, deprived of aid and the opportunity to educate her children. Looking at her older child, who is now studying and bemoaning his future. “The camp administration refuses to give the children the orphans and aid, and my son Taha can not enter the school.” She said.

Umm Taha was married at the age of 30 to an Egyptian judge in a court in the city of Bab. She had resorted to him in 2013 to file a lawsuit against her brothers who treated her as a “servant” as she said, and they insulted her and beat her. Repeated visits by the judge on the grounds of reassuring her life and the treatment of her brothers, ended with the marriage of the man who was held in court by his surname.

According to Ahmed (his alias) an official in one of the humanitarian organizations in Al-Bab city, the laws under which humanitarian organizations are subjected to do not allow aid to unmarried persons who do not have official papers “The strict regulations prohibit us from doing so, but we often go beyond that, Motivated by humanity. What is the guilt of these children? “He says. Sarah Salah also has a similar story. She is the mother of three children who grow up before her eyes without having any official document. She was married to a Tunisian fighter at the request of her brothers who joined the organization. The brothers were killed in the battle of Munbij, while Syria’s Democratic Forces captured her third brother. “I tried to get a paper from the civil registry or to file a lawsuit to fix my marriage to bring my children to school, but to no avail,” she says.

Most children of unknown age under the age of six do not currently have access to school, but “the case needs quick solutions,” said Faisal Darwish, director of Aleppo’s Education. Explaining that “the Directorate is trying to provide all facilities to bring children to school”. “These children are registered as school listeners,” said Anas (a pseudonym) at one of the educational centers. This is not a problem now, but we will fall in it later, especially when we get to the stage of obtaining the certificate, how we will provide a certificate of termination of the stage of a student without knowledge of his proportion or nickname, and did not complete his identity papers, “There are psychological effects on students in every question about their parents, or because they are being sarcastic in class … Most of them suffer from introversion or act in a hostile manner.” Anas said.

Counterfeiting is the solution

Finally, Um Abdullah, a resident of Aleppo, obtained a “family book” that she had forged in the town of Dana, in the village of Idlib. She says she tried in various ways to get official papers, and paid the lawyer about $ 300 in vain, and resorted to the “quickest and least expensive way” to solve the problem of her children.

«Um Abdullah» mother of a child and girl of a Tunisian father nationality said she tried to commit suicide repeatedly when she was with her husband in Raqqa. He had locked her in a cellar in the city. She had locked the doors. Despite her escape, which cost her three thousand dollars, she paid for the elements of Syria’s Democratic Forces to avoid arresting her children and reaching the countryside of western Aleppo. “My husband kept his papers in a belt he would bring with him to the bathroom,” she says.

At about ten thousand Syrian pounds, or about twenty US dollars, Umm Abdullah solved the issue and forged a “family book” issued by the Assad government, which was registered in the civil registry secretariat in the name of a phantom man, and now she can get aid in all circles. We have followed the issue of forging identity papers that have spread widely throughout the country, such as university degrees, passports, family books, immigration records, and even death certificates, and we found brokers working on these papers publicly in opposition or Syrian-controlled areas and on social networking pages.
We contacted one of the brokers to fix a marriage and the ratios of two children we claimed to be related to. The cost was about 200 thousand lira ($ 400) for each child to get a certified family statement from the Civil Registry Department in the Assad government areas within one week only. Opposition areas range from 10 to 20 thousand lira ($ 20-40), and even more so if the family statement is not attached to “original” seals.
Ghayath al-Ali from the countryside of Aleppo, was one of the victims of this fraud. When he issued a family registration statement he found himself a husband of a second wife, a father of children he did not know or heard before. Was surprised to find his national number on these papers, wondering how to get him, and is now seeking to sue the woman who married him and did not hear her name previously. “I felt scared for the first moment, especially if my wife knew about it,” Ghayath laughs as he tells us how he felt when he found out. I was relieved that she did not believe me, and that this caused problems for my family, but I laughed after that, and I ask myself why I was chosen, especially since I did not know a name similar to my presumed wife throughout my life.
An official in the civil register in the western Aleppo countryside commented that “fraudsters use records that are missing during battle from the civil registry secretaries, or are obtained by using telephone applications or mobile phone shops.” He explains that “fraud is not confined to the opposition areas, but spread in areas of the Assad government, despite the presence of greater capacity there to identify and reveal forged documents.”

Fear of Accountability

Many wives of “fugitive” fighters have forced marriage to be established by a relative of cousins ​​or officials, and the court has established the case accordingly. This confirms the head of the court in the court of Gharbils Mohammed Ayman, saying that “Daesh (ISIS) women attributed their children to their relatives with fake marriages for fear of prosecution”. Which is also confirmed by the judge in the court of Sauran, Mohammed Hudal, describing these marriages as “serious matter because of the loss of inheritance and descent”.

While some women found a solution to travel to Turkey, as happened with Umm Khalil, which extracted for her daughter and grandchildren a temporary identity (Kimlek) issued by the Turkish government, the children of a fictitious father. “The procedures were easy. All I needed was a fake family book I paid about $ 30, which I gave to the immigration department with my home address and phone number. The order was not checked, and I got the card and the family number, “says Umm Khalil.

A Dynasty of Terrorists

In its session devoted to the discussion of the new law for the uneducated, which included 57 articles that were agreed on 13 of them, the “People’s Assembly” of the Assad regime in June 2018 replaced the word “unknown descent” with the word “Bastard” “The lexicon in the legal definition” is the newborn who is found and his parents are not known. ”
The Council approved Article 20 of the draft law, which states: “It is considered to be unknown to Arabs in Syria, unless proven otherwise.” Article 21, which states that “an unknown person is considered a Muslim, unless otherwise proved.” This law received a sharp debate in the People’s Assembly, which went to the public and social media. At the same time, some considered this approval to be in response to a pressing humanitarian need, as these children are not guilty of carrying their parents’ name. Others, including Syrian National Assembly member Nabil Saleh and media director Maghi Khuzam, said the law “perpetuates the dynasty of terrorists with official documents.”

The so-called “jihad of marriage,” a rumor spread in Syria on the sidelines of the Syrian revolution since the beginning of 2013, attributed to Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi, which he denied, and considered by some as a lie adopted by the Assad forces and intelligence in the context of distorting the Islamic armed opposition. Al-Watan newspaper, close to the Syrian regime, quoted the sources of the existence of 300 unknown children only in the areas of the regime, and can not be sure this number is correct.
In the Syrian north, the courts of the armed factions refuse to grant the Syrian mother her nationality to her child except in one of these two categories: “bastard” or “unknown descent”, for example, Ahmed did not receive Syrian nationality and was not established in the circles of registration despite his mother’s marriage contract Court with the Turkish travel document of the father. Umm Ahmed, whose husband was killed in 2017 in a battle with the regime, says she has not been able to obtain a family statement for her child. Moving her hands as evidence of lack of understanding, wishing she had claimed ignorance of the identity of the father.
Lawyer Alaa’ddin Abdo, a lawyer in the northern Aleppo countryside, comments on this case: “In the event of marriage to an alien and the establishment of such a marriage in court, children do not acquire Syrian nationality.” The judge is entitled to grant the child Syrian nationality if he is born on Syrian soil, The treatment of the bastard shall be treated and placed in special restraints and shall be given a name, a nickname and a special restriction.

In the areas of control of Syria’s Democratic Forces in the northeast of the country, this is not the subject of debate, but officials there are demanding that the countries of the world return hundreds of children of unknown origin to their countries of origin.

A girl carrying a babyThe problem of unregistered children is likely to increase in Syria. It is not only the children of foreign fighters, but many marriages between the Syrians themselves have been held for years by customary contracts away from the courts and the civil registry. “Of the 800 marriages in 2018 in the western countryside of Aleppo, there are only 150 in the court,” said Osama al-Khader, director of the second division of the Civil Registry in rural Aleppo. al-Khader attribute this to ignorance, or fear of accountability and prosecution for those wanted.
According to lawyer Zakarya Amino “There is a problem of civil restrictions in the region, not only for the children of foreigners, but for the general public. “It is necessary to enact appropriate laws according to the circumstances of the region, but no initiatives have been put forward so far.”

In contrast, local councils or humanitarian organizations in the areas of the opposition factions did not support awareness programs aimed at this category. Says Maysa al-Mahmoud, director of the Center for Family Building, and Rana. a  coordinator of women’s associations in Aleppo and Idleb said that “the centers of the Union focus only on the issues of professional work, and lacked awareness campaigns or seminars on the marriage of unknown persons, or the issue of children of unknown descent.”

The only campaign launched in the beginning of 2018 by activists in Idlib and eastern and western Hama, “the hostility of military factions and accusations of standing against the marriage of migrants who came to support the Syrian revolution,” according to Judge Mohammad Nur Hamidi, a member of the campaign called “Where is your husband”, which included the organization of seminars to identify the dangers of this marriage and write phrases on the walls demanding the naturalization of children, such as “I want parents of my children” and “stateless child will not have civil rights”.     Judge Hamidi warns that the non-naturalization of these children and their integration into society helps to expand the extremist organizations, specifically urging within the camps, citing examples of “infiltration of extremist thought among the families of immigrants” in the camp and other camps.”The stigma attached to these families and the lack of care programs make it easier for children to enter the world of crime and extremism,” said Husam Raslan, a social researcher and teacher at the Al-Nour Institute in Aleppo. “Another problem we will see in the long run is the problem of” Genealogy, “which may exceed the capacity of any institution to solve them” he said.
At the same time, Banos Mumses, the United Nations’ regional humanitarian coordinator, called on governments to help resolve the crisis of the fate of 2,500 foreign children held in the Hull camp in northeastern Syria, saying in his testimony in Geneva on April 18 that “children must be treated as victims in the past. Any solutions reached must be based on what best interests the child. ” He added that solutions must be found “regardless of the age or sex of children or any perception of family affiliation”.
Last January, in the village of Deir Hassan in the western countryside of Aleppo, 16-year-old Hibatullah sat squatting, carrying her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter in front of the passersby’s comments.
“A girl carrying a child” is the nickname given to him by a camp official. You rejoice when you see us again after a long time at our first meeting. The girl who started to stumble with her drink was full of life. Trying to stay away from her mother’s bosom. She gave her a name that contradicts what she has suffered since she was married to her. She called her “joy.” Her face was soothed by the cold and the lack of warmth released a smile, and she was lifting her hand with a paper proving her marriage and the proportions of her child. She says she got it through a lawyer from the Assad region, and through it she is receiving some assistance. No doubt they are forged documents. But it seemed a source of happiness for a girl whose circumstances led her to bear the burdens of a cold tent.
This investigation was carried out by the NIRIJ Network for Investigative Journalism and under the supervision of colleague Kami El MUlahem andit is also published in cooperation with Mosul Media Platform.

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