A message to the people of Mosul

My dear brothers, the sons of Mosul, I do not say and or address you as either Christian or a Muslim because we have been from the earliest age, and since the time of my father and grandfather and their predecessors, the same people, we are Iraqis and are from this homeland.

I write for millions of people and they know the history and heritage of my family. We are Mosulawi and my father, peace be upon him,  was a dean in Mosul and he had a special role in the community of Mosul.

But my family, which is the largest Chaldean family not only in Nineveh or Iraq, but the whole world proved his love for the people of Mosul despite everything that is being said,  despite all the intellectual and governmental harassment, and despite all the partisanship and corruption and despite the crimes of ISIS and Daesh and despite all circumstances.

Despite everything we love Mosul and the noble people in that city. I have lost my house and the house of my family, we have lost two cars and a quantity of gold and our money was stolen at the banks which were burned by ISIS and Daesh. Daesh looted everything we had and we have lost everything.

With this introduction I have been turned into a man who now borrows money just to live with my poor salary. I did not allow myself to indulge in rampant corruption, I did not even had access to free public services like government medical treatment, those people who managed these projects have prevented me form having a free surgery. Now my health has deteriorated because of their corruption and or those who denied me my monthly bonuses in the years before ISIS come, all of these was just because I was a man with my principles. With my principles and intellectuality I have been fighting against intellectual and administrative corruptions, especially in the first year of ISIS occupation in Nineva.


I am surprised today by the honorable Muslim and Arab people from Mosul. I decided to give my house to a number of Muslim families who previously inhabited in it free of charge after liberation of Mosul. Then I decided to rent my house for a small fee even though my house is located in the most strategic place of Mosul. These people did not give me a reasonable price to fill and make ends meet to the rent a modest house in Duhok where I live now. This is because of the theft of all the furniture and contents of my house, even the door lockers, keys, electricity and taps were all looted. And now no one rents my house.

I was so surprised when I found that  a noble Sunni Muslim woman had contributed to the renovation of my home with the support of some of her Muslim people from Mosul even without my knowledge and without letting me know about it. They did not want to do any harm to my dignity. These honorable people have been dyeing the house from inside and also fixed and renewed the water system and have also repaired the wooden doors and wheelbarrows. These noble people are telling me now to return to Mosul. They tell me that they as Muslims from Mosul cherish their Christian brothers and their partners. They say we Muslims are very proud of you and that we are brothers.

But the other day a young man contacted me and told me that I have repaired the sewerage system of your house all free of charge. He said I am a Muslim man from Mosul. He also told me that he has decided to repair all the homes belonging to Christian families of Mosul. He said I do that voluntarily and without charge and that he wishes we go back to our homes. He swore by God Almighty, by his Prophet Mohammed that we love you and we take care of you.

I could not help myself but started crying because I have never been given my rights by those who are officials and or well-off. I have never been given my rights in an honorable way by those people I worked for in terms of material and financial rewards. I never forget those days, especially the first few days of ISIS occupation which was so difficult for us. I saw the aid distributed by a rope which was lowered to the people of the region when they were displaced. I am now so happy because I never sold my conscience cheaply for anything and or anyone.

And I swear by Allah, and address you as the noble and honorable Muslim people of Mosul, that by your altruist manner, by your greatness and the great love in your heart now you have sent a message to the whole world that you Muslim people of Mosul are kind and generous, and that you have nothing to do with your religion. By this noble act have humiliated those who are corrupt and those who profited from warmongering. You have proved that ISIS has nothing to do with you nor with your religion. You have now proved that you are different from those who are corrupt and war criminals. You are innocent people and ISIS has taken advantage of your religion.  I am committed to loving you and give you my love unconditionally. May God protect you and your simplicity coupled with the tender and brave heart of our heroes of our city and the security forces

Love cannot be expressed by words alone and love is inexpressible, such acts can only be  carried out by the greatest souls and action speaks louder than words. It is actions and great deeds of yours that counts and not empty meaningless words and promises….Greetings and my salutation to you my brothers, the people of Mosul, we appreciate your invitations to your Christian brothers to return to Mosul and no false slogans.


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