A Restaurant belonging to an IDP from Mosul  gets fame in Najaf

Muhannad lived in difficult circumstances with his family after he was displaced from Mosul to Najaf. And despite the support and aid from the people he decided to challenge the difficulties and establish a small project and began buying second hand 10 seats and simple kitchen tools from the used market.

Muhannad was married at the end of his 30th marriage and had three children. He lived peacefully with his family in the Nineveh plain in Bartala. He was forced to flee to Najaf province after Daesh organization controlled Mosul. “We arrived Najaf after a long road and we only carry a suitcase containing some of the needs, “I decided to work and went to work. The work was hard and the atmosphere was hot but I found the real pleasure when I received my first paycheck after being displaced.”

Muhammad also adds that “I decided later on to make a project through which I could live better. All the options were closed to me, but the only way was to risk the little money that my brother and some of my relatives owned. We opened a restaurant for popular Mosulawi food in Najaf.

After months of opening the restaurant the restaurant is known among the people, especially as it offers the famous Mosul food, which is not cooked by the people of the city, so he says I decided to stay in Najaf after the project became successful and known among the people and I seek to develop it permanently and want to expand it.

“The work in the restaurant was improving day after day and the more money the more seats and after more than a month, the people of Najaf began to enjoying food, including Alkubba, bread with meat, Pajas, and others. The I paid all the debts and owned most of the shares of the royal restaurant,” The young displaced person says enthusiastically.

“I have achieved my dream and my success with this restaurant, which I call the Nineveh Restaurant after keeping my family and 15 other members of my families out of poverty. All the displaced workers from Mosul decided not to return to Mosul and settle in Najaf.” He said.

After the liberation of the Nineveh plain and the Bartala area of the extremist ISIS organization, Muhannad decided to go to visit the area and inspect his house. “It was a difficult situation when I was walking through the streets of the area. I saw the destruction. There were few trees left, and the birds disappeared and turned into Bartala. All the memories of my place were shattered, I was looking quietly and afraid of mines I saw in one corner of my children’s room. I saw the destroyed favorite game belonging t my daughter. And in my room I found my father’s picture broken.” He added.

“I do not want to go back to live in the Nineveh Plain with only memories, since most of my Christian and Yazidian neighbors have emigrated outside the country and I am worried about them,” he said.

“I am worried about them for not being able to communicate with them and I do not know their news. I hope they will see my words, I love them a lot and I hope to see them again”.



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