Studying the Law … When We Commemorate Our Old Dreams  

When I decided to complete my university education more than four years ago and at the height of my family and career obligations I realized that my journey would take a lot of time and effort. It was a dream that I could not achieve after I completed my preparatory studies and at a total degree that qualified me to enter the Faculty of Law. At that time, however, the Ministry of Higher Education had not opened a law school in “Al-Diwaniyah”, and my father was very careful not to go to any other governorate or I live in the dormitories.Then, temporarily, I decided to forget the idea of ​​studying the law and instead I studied at the Institute of Teachers and I chose to study the Arabic language and graduated from it with a high grade result. And then I devoted my time to learn the press and work and spent more than ten years in this field.Although my love for the press and my engagement with it, but the dream of childhood remained until I came to the opportunity when I was 30 years old, and I received great support and encouragement from my parents and my husband and my brothers and even my children.
I do not deny that there were some people who thought negatively and tried to discourage me with their words, telling me that  “your age does not allow you, and your priority should be for your family, but those opinions did not affect me at all. I waited for this opportunity an wanted this more than anything. And I accompanied my husband to the Dean of the Faculty of Education carrying with me my official papers necessary for registration and I was actually accepted and admitted. Honestly I can not describe the extent of my feelings at the moment I entered the classroom. Now as I am writing this I remembered and felt those moments that brought back the high spirit again from the knowledge of the law knowledge and countless experiences and I knew people from different experiences until I found myself entering in another world completely different from my previous experiences I had in my life.
I loved to read law books despite the difficulty of some of their articles and I was studying until late night after completing my family and other career obligations.
The four years passed and I sat on the front line of seats listening to my teachers and my colleagues’ discussions. My wealth was a wealth of legal information through which I could increased the level of legal knowledge for myself and everyone around me. I learned about the Iraqi laws and their importance in organizing the behavior of our lives and realized that the chaos we are living today in Iraq because of wide-spread nepotism and non-application of the law.It was not only information and studying that was important for me, but what was important was  developmental thought which encouraged me to practice deep thinking and raise questions and doubts to reach certainty even when I was discussing my professors with some legal texts applying them to reality and why some of the laws were not suitable to the developments needed for our society.The study of the law for me was far more important and had more ramifications for me than just reading the legal texts codified in books and reading them for the purpose of the examination or to obtain high grades.
My rule is that the law is a science that everyone should learn to know their rights and duties. It was important information that I benefited from in my daily life, my journalistic and career field, and also in providing advice to those who need them in legal cases. But maybe someone will ask me if I studied law to become a lawyer? I say, “No,” it was not my ambition to study law to become a lawyer but to arm myself with legal culture and to be a source of awareness of this useful science that enabled me to provide a lot of legal advice to women in particular.
But my dream is not yet complete. I have achieved the first part of it and I am still looking for a master’s and doctorate degree. At the human society level, I dream of establishing a legal awareness center to provide legal assistance to all who need it and to women in particular, but it takes time and money to translate my ideas into a real project. In reality. My idea, which I believe in is “we must not give up our dreams and ambitions even if it is impossible, it will inevitably be achieved if we want to.”



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