Basra women … shouldering the double burden and effective in demonstrations

Basrah is located on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab river since time immemorial.  The suffering of women increases season after season. Women in particular pay the price of  the high proportion of salts and pollution in the waters of this river, meaning that this will lead to an increasing of the concerns of women in this city.

Does the population of other cities in the world know that women in Basra shoulder the double burden of their work and their experiences in combating these salts, which exceeded 90 percent and many other pollutants in the past year?

The mother must wash her children and body twice first with salt water and then rinse them with sweet water, which is transported with special containers, despite the weight and after finishing the rinsing taste of the body of the child to make sure it is free of salt to get skin diseases or from the scabies. One may ask why not wash it from the start with sweet water and the fact that this method is practiced only because they put special tanks of sweet water in their homes which they buy at high prices.

Does everyone know that woman in Basra has to wash clothes twice with salt water and rinse and then re-rinsed with sweet water to remove the salts that draw lines on the clothes and make them stiff and the residents there forgot to wash fruits and vegetables with sweet water before putting it in the refrigerator. This is what happened with my sister’s daughter, where she was washed overnight with tap water and ate it. The result was that she was taken to the hospital at 2:00 am after severe poisoning in the tens of thousands of people who were poisoned in this city last year.

In Basra, women wash pots and mugs with sweet water because they will remain unsanitary and unhealthy. The water of the cooling devices, which flow through the plastic tube to the floor of the house makes the earth corroded by too many salts.

Many of the concerns of Basra and the women in this city in general is the suffering at the hands of last summer crisis with polluted water and salt, which left an impact visually on all family and with power shortages in a city that exceeds the temperature of 58 degrees and unemployment suffered by young men and women living in city very rich with oil resources.

All these circumstances prompted women to participate with  their brothers, husbands, fathers and children in expressing their rage during the demonstrations that took place last year to demand better services.

Women in Basra is the mother who treats the injuries, the sister who distributes water bottles and the gums that prevent the effect of gases. She is the colleague who cooks food and distributes them to the women in the squares. She is the hands that light candles for the martyrs, and the mother who inherits the children and puts flowers over the pictures of young people and sing the songs of the wedding in their funeral, she is Basarawi “sweet lovely” as popular singers singing and aspire to live better than ad have a better lifestyle than this summer.


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