By video: The Al-Mawlawya dances attract tourists in Turkey

The historical center of “Khoja Pasha” a center of cultural events in Istanbul, attracts local and foreign tourists and lovers of dance to watch the performances of the Sufi Al-Maulawiya and Turkish Folk Dances.

The center is located in the European part near the district of “Sultan Ahmed” and dates back to 1470, this date goes back to the time of the Minister “Khoja Sinan Pasha” during the reign of Sultan Mohamed Al-Fateh.

In addition to the “Al-Maulawya” dance performances, the Center distributes to the viewers booklets in more than a dozen languages ​​about the Maulawya culture (as compared to the famous Jalal El Al-Din Rumi), and a short video about Maulawya is shown.

In the dance performances section, the center offers dances for the Ottoman palaces, dances for different regions of Anatolia, and other Turkish regions, as well as the “Maulawya” dance performances.

Most of the restaurants and cafes in Istanbul during the summer offer a dance to their fans and guests, making them crowded with tourists, which encouraged many restaurants to take the same step.



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